Weekly Buy and Sell Suggestion's

Buy Suggestions

1. Spotify

Spotify Technologies SPOT (NYSE) is on the verge of revolutionizing the audio listening experience. They are currently developing dynamic ad-insertion which will allow them to display audio ads to consumers based on the consumers habits and behaviors. This is very similar to Google’s adsense program and promises to be a very lucrative venture for the audio streaming company. Similarly they are expanding their audio offers in the same manner as Netflix has with their movies and T.V shows. Spotify is investing in bringing more content to their platform, by either creating or buying. Recently they brought the Joe Rogan Experience to their platform among many others. The future for Spotify looks very bright and I can’t wait to see what becomes of them. If you’re interested in following Spotify’s progress it might prove useful to open a demo account to learn and track its progress.

2. BlackBerry (BB)

Blackberry has had a difficult period of adjustment over the last decade. From the heights of the stock price being at $144 USD when they sold mobile phones to where it is now at $5.45 USD. The company has pivoted from selling mobile phones to focusing on software security. Blackberry has proven itself to be a trusted provider in the wider community where all 7 G7 countries use Blackberry solutions for their software security.  Blackberry’s transition and turnaround can be marked from one specific point of time, their appointment of John S. Chen in 2013. Mr Chen is known for turning around “dead companies” such as with Sybase he lead a re-invention strategy which turned Sybase from a low $362 million to $5.8 billion in 2010 when it was acquired by SAP. Mr Chen has imitated this same approach and applied it to Blackberry and it has proven to be very effective yet again. Highlighted by the acquisition of Cylance in 2019 which has developed a game changing software security particularly because of AI machine learning. BlackBerry is positioned well to explosively grow in the software security space, find out more on BlackBerry here

3. Delta Airlines

As one of the most affected sectors of COVID 19 there is no doubt that the Aviation Industry has taken a huge hit with all the travel restrictions in place. Delta Airlines  DAL (NYSE) has been no exception with the shock of COVID 19 however as Governments around the world begin the process of reducing the social distancing restrictions it has allowed Delta to resume air travel adding 100 new flights already since may which isn’t only domestic travel Delta are resuming their TransPacific and TransAtlantic flights as well. With Delta Airlines falling 47% since the Beginning of February it could be a great opportunity to pick up some cheep shares of a well established airline. If you’re interested in more companies that operate in the aviation industry we have also had a look at Boeing in the past.

Sell Suggestions

1. Hertz (HTZ)

COVID-19 has been damaging to many companies. It has been the last straw to push Hertz HTZ (NYSE) to file for chapter 11 bankruptcy. This could be an emerging trend and we may yet see many more companies fold in the months to come. The NYSE has announced that it has initiated proceeding to delist Hertz. This does not necessarily spell the end for Hertz but the future certainly looks troubling to investors and analysts alike.

2. SmileDirectClub

SmileDirectClub SDC (NASDAQ) has come under fire recently surrounding the effectiveness of their products. To date over the last 3 years 2,354 complaints have been filled to the better business bureau. To add to this SmileDirectClub is still not turning a profit and rising expenses are resulting in greater losses. Even as revenues are rising analysts are calling to its valuation as a sticking point too with the stock trading at 5 times its book value. It’s possible to make money in a falling market but this stock is very volatile at the moment and it would be wise to wait until Q2 earnings.

3. Aurora Cannabis Inc

Aurora Cannabis ACB (TSE) has seen a dramatic plummet in value since last year. Where it reached heights of over $100 and was a favorite for investors and analysts alike. Since then it’s been downhill and with COVID-19 adding to the fire many dispensaries around the world had been forced to shut. investors remain for the most part speculative on the position of ACB. Support for the company has been propped up by the acquisition of Reliva giving them a foothold in the US CBD market. However investors face dilution as a result and ACB is still carrying more than $2 billion in goodwill. Right now the stock is very volatile and may see a decrease from the recent rally and investor optimism.

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