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Taking you through what moves markets, by taking you through stock analysis on both fundamental and technical levels. Everything you need to get started!

The research you find below encompasses a lot of different sections of the market. It’s good to get a wide knowledge base before you start investing and have a solid overview of the markets. We provide analysis on stocks particularly in the tech sector, insights into commodities such as corn and even breakdown cryptocurrencies and dive deep into the algorithms institutions use to trade them.

As over 80% of market transactions are done by algorithms and bots we’ve decided to make some ourselves and share them all with you! We’ll be going over how they’re made, how the work and how you could make one yourself.

We believe there is currently a huge gap between professional and everyday investors. Where professional investors have access to insights and information that normal investors do not.  We’re here to bridge that gap by providing analysis that is accessible and easy to understand.

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