How to Interpret the Sector

Why Technology Stocks

Technology stocks are tech companies that are listed on the stock market. There are always plenty of opportunities to profit from investing in this sector. We are going to outline what factors influence this sector, what risks are involved and how to look for the types companies that offer the best return or lowest risk.

Simply put, a market sector is used to describe a part of the economy. It encompasses similar companies under one banner. For instance a hospital and an aged care home would be considered under the “Health Care” sector.

The mining sector is a sub sector of the materials sector. The materials sector refers to all is all raw materials that are sold on to produce and make other items. The materials index is  under the ticker SPLRCM which is the measurement tool commonly used to track the performance of the materials sector and thus the mining sector.

We believe there is currently a huge gap between professional and everyday investors. Where professional investors have access to insights and information that normal investors do not.  We’re here to bridge that gap by providing analysis that is accessible and easy to understand.

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Risks you should watch out for!

Instability – When the price changes by multiple percent every day this is usually a sign of market instability and volatility. And this can be very dangerous for new investors who see a trend buy in at the wrong time thinking that the trend will continue and lose their life savings because they thought theses huge jumps were indicative of future gains. Crypto is very volatile it is better to invest small amount over a large period of time to mitigate this factor.

Easy to buy hard to sell – At the moment there are around 7,000 cryptocurrencies but not all of which have been created equal. As there are so many coins available it allows easy buying opportunities but when you want to cash out it creates a massive problem when you can’t convert your coin to another coin or even to cash. As a result you can find yourself stuck with a coin for much longer than anticipated. This is one of the reasons why smaller coins are that much more risky.

Regulatory Changes –  A common problem across many industries but a huge one within the crypto space. Legislation and innovation do not happen at the same time. Legislation often takes years take catch up to changes in consumer or business behaviors. Countries like China and Russia have already banned crypto and more countries are adding tighter regulation. This happens much later than the innovation and impact those companies tremendously. We can see greater restriction and more legislation being passed around the world often and a lot of the time this can hurt every person who uses blockchain technology.

Cyber Risks –  In principle cryptocurrencies and blockchain has proven to be one of the most cyber resilient technologies created to date. However 

Scams and Misinformation – We don’t have to look to far into the past to see some of the scams that have arisen from the cryptocurrency sector. As it has been largely unregulated and lawmakers are slowly starting to catch up many shady individuals have taken advantage of this. We can see from the very famous example of Bitconnect who operated much like a pyramid scheme, stealing large some of money that was entrusted in them from loyal customers. Be wary of the new coins, give them time to prove themselves.

Opportunities to look for!

Innovation – Just as innovation was a negative to the tech sector it is only its strongest opportunity. Truly a paragon of the double-edged sword. The speed of innovation within the tech sector can’t be compared to any other sector just be looking at the number of startups that exist in this space is a true testament to that. And with all these new innovations continually being added to the tech sector it also adds a tremendous amount of value to it.

Market Digitalization – That fish and chips shops down the road now has Facebook. Their advertising their services through Google Adsense, Protecting their computers using a cybersecurity company. Managing their data through a cloud data-warehouse like aws and paying for an internet connection every month. I’ve just listed 5 services that a single shop uses to interatct with the internet and there’s more. Everyone is using technology and their using a lot off it. The number of services continues to grow. 10 years ago that same restaurant didn’t even need an internet connection. Now they need much than that and will continue to need different services in the future.

Global Reach – 4.57 billion, that’s the number of people that are online around the world. Almost 60% of the global population and that number continues to grow every single day. And the tech sector is at the forefront of this development. Their the ones which provide services to all these people and benefit most from the digital economy. 

High Growth Rate – Tech sector stock are very susceptible to changes. We see this every other week with the likes of Tesla. Where when they announce something even remotely good the price skyrockets, often unreasonably high. This is due to 2 reasons. 1 the announcement is something that investors think will benefit the long term revenue of the company and 2 there is so much market speculation on tech stocks that when a stock rises its rise is amplified because every investor wants to buy a piece of it. On top of this investment firms know that market speculation will drive a huge chunk of the price rise and therefore create algorithms that take s notice of it (without you even knowing) 

Digital Protection –  Looking out for strong companies that deal with digital protection against malicious software and data breaches can be a great opportunity. These companies can be considered a staple in the industry where every  company needs them in order to feel safe and secure. What’s more as regulation in the tech sector continues to increase the demand for these types of companies is more apparent each day.

Investing in Different Types of Tech

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Financial Transaction Coins

ABOUT – The companies that provide us with internet access, often very localized and only a handful of companies service a given area. However this is rapidly changing as 4 and 5g technology continues to be rolled out over the globe. 25 years ago there were 16 million people using the internet. Today that number sits higher than 4 billion with an estimated 60% of the world using internet services. This is an astronomical number and any product or business that services the internet stands to profit. However it’s worth noting that this space as a result is getting increasingly competitive.

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ABOUT – These are companies that usually provide an ongoing service to their customers. Such as Spotify or Snowflake who bill their customers on a recurring bases. However Spotify bills month per month companies such as Snowflake bill based on demand and how much the customer consumes. This is a great long-term business model as it provides flexibility to the customer as well as repeat customers for the business. What’s more these companies tend to have systems to keep customers on board for as long as possible without you even noticing. It would inconvenience you too much to create those 50 playlists again on another service and it would inconvenience a customer of Snowflake too much to rebuild their data architecture for another platform.

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Private Digital Currency Coins

ABOUT – These companies protect the digital assets of their customers. Companies such as Crowdstrike even use artificial intelligence to detect and nullify malicious software before any other company would have even known it existed. Companies in this space also protect our data from people with bad intentions who often try to steal information about us to sell to interested parties. The cybersecurity industry is the gatekeeper and protector of the tech sector and continues to grow as the tech sector expands. 

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Alternatives to investing in specific technolgy stocks

Technology ETF’s are a great way to get some exposure to the rapidly growing mining sector. An ETF or exchange-traded fund is a fund that invests in a variety of technology companies. You can invest in an EFT and not have to worry about individually picking and selecting technology stocks.  Below is an example of a mining EFT if you’re not sure where to look.