Hot to look out for the rest of this year!

Breaking it down

We have highlighted the some of the Upcoming IPO's that we believe are most exciting for 2020 and are IPOs that you should look out for!

An IPO Stands for initial Public offering. Before companies are publicly traded on the stock market they first have to go though an IPO. This gives investors the opportunity to buy shares in a company early in the primary market before the company list on the stock exchange and are traded in the secondary market.

Buying a stock IPO can be a little bit difficult if you have never done it before that’s why we suggest that you sign up to an online broker like Etoro that puts you only a few clicks away from buying your first IPO.

We believe there is currently a huge gap between professional and everyday investors. Where professional investors have access to insights and information that normal investors do not.  We’re here to bridge that gap by providing analysis that is accessible and easy to understand.