A Page Dedeciated To The Best Performing Sectors

Breaking it down

We look at ach sector and provide edtailed yet consice summaries and anlysis into that given sector. We even added crypotcurrencies!

Simply put, a market sector is used to describe a part of the economy. It encompasses like companies under one banner. For instance a hospital and an aged care home would be considered under the “Health Care” sector.

The sectors are being ranked based off sector index funds. Such as the consumer staples index and utility index that track the price movements of companies in those sectors. We then follow their price and list results accordingly.

We believe there is currently a huge gap between professional and everyday investors. Where professional investors have access to insights and information that normal investors do not.  We’re here to bridge that gap by providing analysis that is accessible and easy to understand.


Market Cap
$128 Billion 100%
$16,000 40%
Number of place accepting 71%


9. Real Estate Index (SPLRCREC)


01/01/2020 Price =$239.06

Current Price = $222.85

Percentage Change = -6.78%

The Real estate sector has not been immune from the effects of COVID 19 falling 6.78% since the beginning of the year. This could be due to rising unemployment with more and more people are unable to meet their mortgage repayments which forces them to sell. This only puts downward pressure on the housing market. In addition the level of optimism among buyer’s has decreased which reduces the demand in the property market, leading to a fall in the sector. 

10. Industrials Index (SPLRCI)


01/01/2020 Price = $699.23

Current Price = $605.24

Percentage Change = -13.44%

The industrial’s sector is a large sector with a variety of differing companies like Delta Airlines and Caterpillar. Airlines have taken a significant hit this year with travel almost completely stopped due the the Pandemic as counties world wide place travel restrictions. This lack of demand also negatively affects transportation companies like Uber in this sector. 



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