Is it time to lock in some profits with Tesla?

TSLA (NASDAQ) Over recent months Tesla has seen explosive growth growing 95.3% since the start of April due to post COVID 19 optimism. In addition to this Musk has decided to reopen the Tesla factories and continuing production which was short-lived as a staff member has contracted the virus. We will be taking a look into the some of technical analysis factors point towards a lower price in the short term.

Is it time to Buy MGM?

MGM (NYSE) has had their stock price beaten down due to the pandemic, however with restrictions starting to lift it seems the economy has started to look up for the company which has been shown by the recent uptick in MGM’s price. We will take a deeper dive into the technical indicators forecasting the companies future.

How to make money in a falling market

Many think it is only possible to profit in the stock market if you are invested in a rising market, although this is the most common way to profit in the stock market it is not the only way. There are ways in which you can actually profit from a recession and stock market downturn. Follow along because there is more than one alternative. 

Spotify: Not Just Music

Spotify Technology SA NYSE: SPOT is on track to create a seismic shift in the way audio advertising is done, currently they are sitting at the top amongst all the streaming service platforms. Spotify’s aims to further distance itself from its competitors. At the moment there are two forces contributing to that distance growing wider. They are the netflix like expansion that Spotify is currently undertaking as well as the google adsense like monetisation that they are developing. Much like when two tectonic plates collide to create a mountain. Spotify is currently wedged between its audio expansion on one side and the other side has its revolutionary audio ad platform. Those forces colliding with each other is creating a mountain that might be out of reach to any other competitor to live up to.

Square: A Beacon Of Hope

There are so many companies that seem to promise the world yet deliver nothing. It’s disappointing to see when potential is not squandered like that, but I believe in this respect that Square Inc (NYSE:SQ) is different from the rest, stating that  “We believe everyone should be able to participate and thrive in the economy.” We’ll be taking a look at how well square has managed to live up to its mission and try to understand how the company might change as it moves forward.

Are Gilead Sciences destined for a down trend?

The world wide economy has been devastated in recent months by the affects of COVID 19 and the pandemic all eyes have shifted to companies like Gilead who have been working to produce a cure to help end this virus. There has been many speculation that Gilead have a working cure which has caused a large up tick in their stock price. They have done many trials and test but do not have a working cure ready for humans yet, so what will happen to the stock now? We’ll be looking at some technical details to try and better understand any underlying trends and what this might result in for the stocks future.

Are Facebook Shares overvalued?

Facebook shares have had a nice rebound after the strong fall from COVID 19 this could be attributed to reports of strong and stable ad revenue. Question is does that strong increase continue to run or is it due for a correction?. We’ll be looking at some technical details to try and better understand any underlying trends and what this might result in for the stocks future.

The most undervalued asset In the world!

In a rapidly evolving world that has volatility at all time highs and a market that is constantly changing it makes makes it harder and harder to predict stock market trends. There is an asset that is not subject to large swings in stock market volatility it performs better in crisis times and now I believe it’s the most undervalued asset in the world.

Is it time for SAES to have a correction?

Saes getters the refined chemicals manufacturer has started to make a slow recovery after the sharpe decline at the beginning of the year attributed to COVID19. We’ll be looking at some technical details to try and better understand any underlying trends and what this might result in for the stock.


The Relative Strength Indicator (RSI) is a specific indicator that is used to detect if a stock is over sold or over bought. The RSI is calculated using average price gains and losses over a given period of time. The default time period is 14 periods with values bounded from 0 to 100. A reading of above 70 means the stock is overbought highlighting a bearish signal that the stock might fall in price. This is the case with SAES indicating that it might be overbought, as it is right at the top of the RSI Indicator level at 68 indicating that it is likely to fall in the future.

Bollinger Bands

The Bollinger bands are an additional indicator used in technical analysis to detect volatility if the bands are close together then there is considered to be low volatility however if the bands widen then there is considered to be high levels of volatility. Also it is very uncommon for a stock to move outside the Bollinger bands if it does, it will more often than not shift back inside the Bollinger band. In the graphic above we can see that the Bollinger Bands have narrowed and for now that suggests that the price is more stable and less volatile, indicating that the price is not likely to deviate far from this price range. Also the stock is slightly above its Bollinger band this may lead to an decrease in price to fall back into the Bollinger band.


Coupled with the clear decrease in Volume highlighted by the vertical bars underneath. Proving that a larger number of investors are selling the stock, with such a lower than average number of interactions the volatility of SAES is likely to decrease as well as a likely rapid decrease in the value of the underlying stock.


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