Spotify: Not Just Music

Spotify Technology SA NYSE: SPOT is on track to create a seismic shift in the way audio advertising is done, currently they are sitting at the top amongst all the streaming service platforms. Spotify’s aims to further distance itself from its competitors. At the moment there are two forces contributing to that distance growing wider. They are the netflix like expansion that Spotify is currently undertaking as well as the google adsense like monetisation that they are developing. Much like when two tectonic plates collide to create a mountain. Spotify is currently wedged between its audio expansion on one side and the other side has its revolutionary audio ad platform. Those forces colliding with each other is creating a mountain that might be out of reach to any other competitor to live up to.

Square: A Beacon Of Hope

There are so many companies that seem to promise the world yet deliver nothing. It’s disappointing to see when potential is not squandered like that, but I believe in this respect that Square Inc (NYSE:SQ) is different from the rest, stating that  “We believe everyone should be able to participate and thrive in the economy.” We’ll be taking a look at how well square has managed to live up to its mission and try to understand how the company might change as it moves forward.

The most undervalued asset In the world!

In a rapidly evolving world that has volatility at all time highs and a market that is constantly changing it makes makes it harder and harder to predict stock market trends. There is an asset that is not subject to large swings in stock market volatility it performs better in crisis times and now I believe it’s the most undervalued asset in the world.

Corn (ZC)

The are many factors that can influence the corn price as the market for corn comprises of 4 key markets. With the United States being the worlds largest producer of corn its largest consumption is through livestock, fuel, food and then exports respectfully.


Blackberry has had a difficult period of adjustment over the last decade. From the heights of the stock price being at 144 USD to where it is now at 4 USD it may seem as though Blackberry has very little to offer investors and that their days as one of the leading technology companies are well behind them. To many they have been completely forgotten as a remnant of the failed blackberry phones which dominated the market in the early and late 2000’s and a company who failed to innovate in line with the introduction of the iphone and similar products. Their business was decimated. However they managed to build something else from their earlier success and diversify away from the mobile market. Since then Blackberry has been transitioning away from a hardware company into a software and enterprise solution company specialising in cybersecurity, endpoint data security, operating systems and enterprise solutions. Operating in industries such as financial services, government, professional services, healthcare, transportation, education and manufacturing manufacturing.


As COVID-19 continues to spread around the world there has been a need for testing kits and CODX is one of the few companies which provide them.

As a Result they have seen astronomical gains to their market price from below $1 at the start of the year to around $10 at the time of writing this article. The major key factor which set CODX (Co-Diagnostic) in front of all its competitors was their ability to enter into the market first. They managed to develop a working COVID-19 test week in 8 days. It’s no wonder the company experienced such explosive growth given the quick turnaround time. Dwight Egan CEO at CODX spoke briefly about this not too long ago in an interview with Proactive.


Due the the downturn in the recent month in the economy caused by coronavirus BHP has seen a significant decline in their price since January’s high of $41.7. Their stock has now fallen to 27.1 as of the 20/03/2020 which is a 35% decline in a month and is expected to fall further as a result of this virus. However there are some key fundamental factors about BHP that present them as a buying opportunity during this health crisis. These factors include the price of iron ore, the recent USD strength and the fiscal stimulus announced by the Australian Government on 22/03/2020. 

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