The power of copy trading

There has been a very popular trend going around where more and more traders are taking advantage of copy trading features. This involves professional investors making there investments public allowing others to essentially copy the professional investors and benefit without making any decisions themself.

How to make money in a falling market

Many think it is only possible to profit in the stock market if you are invested in a rising market, although this is the most common way to profit in the stock market it is not the only way. There are ways in which you can actually profit from a recession and stock market downturn. Follow along because there is more than one alternative. 

You need lots of money to start investing right… WRONG!

One of the most common reasons people decide not to trade stocks is that they believe they need huge amounts of money to even start trading this couldn’t be further from the truth. The truth is with many trading platforms online they allow people the ability to start trading with as little as 100 USD.

When is the “Right time to Buy”

So many people often wonder when is the best time to enter a trade they would often say “is now the right time buy” and enter too early or “I need to wait for the right time to buy” , then miss out. Did you know that there is actually an indicator that can solve this very problem? Well there is its called a moving average.

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