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We’ve put together a new form of technical analysis. One that brings you all the important information first in a new exciting accessible way. Today we take a look at Bitcoin, which has been notorious for going against the grain and having extraordinary returns. For this analysis we’ve combined a positive linear trend analysis coupled with a trend trading strategy that has seen strong performance in the past.

We also provide fundamental analysis for interesting companies like Square and Blackberry. We even look at commodities such as corn and provide educational articles all in an effort to elevate the investing capabilities of the everyday investor.

Trend Strategy

The trend strategy we’ve used gives us an indication of the right time to buy and sell Bitcoin. As we can see on the graph when the indicator shows a “long” signal that’s a sign for us to buy. On the reverse side of that coin the “short” signal lets us know it’s time to sell.

Regression Analysis

The regression is shown above through the red and blue graph areas. It takes the last 1000 close positions and provides us a linear regression of that time frame. The regression attempts to demonstrate a relationship between time and price of Bitcoin. As we can see on the graph there is a slight upward linear trend.

We’ve also broken down the strategy by looking at it’s past performance. Although past the result does look positive it’s important to note that past performance does not necessarily indicate future performance. That’s why it is so important to learn from others and their strategies such as Etoro’s copy trader platform.

We will be providing more technical analysis like this in the future so stay tuned and watch this space!!


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