The power of copy trading

There has been a very popular trend going around where more and more traders are taking advantage of copy trading features. This involves professional investors making there investments public allowing others to essentially copy the professional investors and benefit without making any decisions themself.

How can you benefit from copy trading?

If you are a beginner investor there are multiple ways that you can benefit from a copy trading platform the first one being you can benefit from observing a professional investor. Simply understanding the mechanics of trading looking though what makes markets move and learn why the professional trader traded certain sectors and didn’t touch others. Another big one might be having peace of mind knowing that your money Is being looked after by a professional trader with a strong track record. This means you can go about your life without having to do all the research and investing alone that can also become very time-consuming. The only decision you have to make is deciding which copy trader to follow, once you’ve done that you can sit back and watch your portfolio.

Check out this Video on Etoro’s Copy trading!


How you can benefit as a professional investor

When you are a professional trader you are already doing your own research and investing so to have other people copy your trades makes no difference to what you’re already doing. The only difference is that Etoro will actually pay professional investors that have a large following with a large amount of money behind their copy trading account. To look at the numbers if your a professional trader with a large amount of money following you Etoro will pay you 2% per month of the amount invested in your copy trading platform once there is over 500k invested in it. This can turn into a substantial amount of money once you start bringing investors in to copy your trades especially if you are showing strong returns Etoro would highlight your copy trading account across the whole platform. If you interested in people copying your trades and getting paid click here.


It is important to note that info2cash is an affiliate for etoro which means we benefit from any signups to etoro, the reason we decided to affiliate ourselves with etoro is because we believe that they offer the best service for copy trading. This is why we decided to write this article to promote copy trading and its benefits not just for beginners but also for professional investors as its one of those rare circumstances where its a win-win for both beginners and professional traders. If you want to find out more information on copy trading from etoro click on CopyTrading.

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