First thing you need to do before you start trading!

If you are considering investing or interested in starting, its very important you do this one simple thing first because it could save you a huge amount of money!

Open a Demo Account

How do you save yourself a huge amount of money it is simple start a demo account. What’s a demo account? Well to put it simply it’s an account that allows you to practice investing without actually placing any real money in a trading account. There are a variety of trading platforms out there that allow traders to open up a demo account and practice trading.

The Power of a Demo account

The demo account allows you to have absolutely 0 trading risk when starting as you trade with virtual money and have access to a variety of different assets in a real live trading environment. You get the peace of mind that no real money is leaving your account. This allows you to test and perfect your trading strategies, find out the best indicators that really work for you or what doesn’t work for you. You also get the chance to become very familiar with your trading platform, therefore when you go to make a real account you wont accidentally make a mistake like enter the wrong amount or trade with the wrong amount of leverage. This also allows you to test the amount of leverage you are comfortable using or make sure you time the market correctly by selling and buying at the right times.

How can you open a Demo Account

It’s very easy to open a demo account, we recommend trading platforms such as Plus 500 and XM trading as they are very easy to use and have a very secure platform. All you need to do to start your new demo account is to click here then click on Plus 500 or XM and select a demo account.


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